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Everyone Belongs Here

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Do you feel safe now

that a brown man was snuffed out in your driveway

face down

squashed like a bug?

He made your eyes sore

Obviously he doesn’t belong here

too close to my white picket fence

he could stumble over it

smash it

what then?

The dogs don’t like him either



my whiteness so translucent—

even though we have a double lock

video cam

and alarm system

I know he can see right through me—

Do something!

He can’t exist next to our purity, our property, our legacy

doesn’t include him!

Look, he’s talking to himself

I’m so scared looking out my window

I can’t change the channel

He’s so big and brown

Do something!

911! 911!

a brown man is too close to my home

he’s scaring my wife

her whiteness is threatened she could be

getting darker

Do something!

This is Alameda.

These types don’t exist here

can’t exist here

that’s why we moved here

where we can see

only ourselves-

that’s what we pay for

that’s why we’re here

It’s alright honey

all white

they took care of him-

look, no blood

we can back up our minivan

over the spot he was murdered

like it never happened

like nothing



Copyright 2021 Alison Hart

Copyright 2021 Alison Hart

To support family of Mario Gonzalez who was murdered by Alameda Police on April 19, 2021 go to:

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