beyond fences excerpt

Updated: Nov 23

Here is a sample of a collaborative dance work in progress where every dancer has a voice, based on poet laureate Jericho Brown's duplex poetry form.

We claim public space, choreograph together and create community one step at a time. Dancer/Choreographers include Haninah Abdullah, Sharon Coleman and Katherine Park.

What are you doing to stay sane during this pandemic? #duplexdancecollective #danceoutside #dancekeepsmesane #selfregulation #emotionalregulation #claimpublicspace #JerichoBrown #poetryanddance #writerswhodance #housingisahumanright #endgentrification

Below is my duplex poem:

beyond fences

this body called home

yank out fence posts honor 4 directions

what 4 walls bring security waves can't rush

feet in sand facing the ocean

sun, wind on face standing on the edge of a circle

I long for a duplex

duplicitous bidding got a million plus?

flip flap flop this building is my god

America's god from the onset

in the 90s there weren't any tent cities in the Bay Area

colonization recreates itself on city pavement

the Ellis acts to protect property at all costs

the cost of America's poisonous mythology

beyond fences this body called home

Copyright Alison Hart 2022

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