we are under siege

Updated: Apr 30

in this country

on this earth

we know it in our bones

holding our breath

when loved ones

drive, walk, sleep, jog, dance…

one hand on our heart

the other

tending to our lives

until another

police murder erupts

we send secret safety bubbles to

children, wives, daughters, sons,

fathers, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends

No, not them, no. Not today.

In Alameda, CA down the street from my home,

Mario Gonzalez a 26 year old man "died in in police custody"

died is too passive

What did they do?

What force did they use?

Where are the body cam videos?

How come his mother wasn’t allowed to see her own son's body?

few get justice

we are under siege and I can’t take my hand off my heart

to reach yours

until something is done.


Copyright 2021 by alison hart

To support Mario's family go to:


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